Technical Committee

The list of JSPE Technical Committees

Technical Committee Web page
1 Production Automation
2 Ultra Precison
3 Machining Processes
4 Integrated Manufacturing Systems
5 Machining of Difficult-to-cut Materials
6 Industrial Application of Image Processing
7 Super-abrasive Grinding Wheel Technonogy  
8 The Knowledge Innovation in the Manufacturing and Management
9 Molded Plastic Gears
10 Micro / Nano Systems  
11 Principle of Manufacturing  
12 Ultra Precision Positioning
13 Precision Engineering in Bio-medical and Welfare Application  
14 The Planarization and CMP
15 Life Cycle Engineering
16 MEMS Commercialization  
17 Mechano-Photonics  
18 Nano-Precision Mechanical Manufacturing Technology
19 Convergence Engineering
20 Micro Production Systems  
21 Intelligent Nano-Measure
22 Processings for Surface Technology
23 Western Shizuoka Prefecture  
24 3D Scanning, Recognition, and Modeling of Large Scale Environments
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